deanna furia

DeAnna Furia

Continental Graduate

People always ask me where I attended beauty school and I can proudly say that I went nowhere else but the wonderful Continental. The follow up question is always, “Did you like it?” My answer? “Yes! I LOVED it!” As corny and superficial as it may sound, everyone you meet, students and staff alike, eventually merge into one huge family. The love and support you receive makes you never want to leave, no matter how much your “senioritis” builds within those last few months. Leaving Continental has made me realize that I made the right decision in pursuing my craft and not going to college like everyone else wanted me to. It gave me a sense of confidence to never be afraid of what others think and say about your decisions in life, especially when you’re doing what YOU want and LOVE. You’ve got to always be yourself, cater to YOUR OWN wants and needs, and of course, start it all at Continental!

What are you waiting for? TRUST YOURSELF. NOW TRUST US.

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