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Continental School of Beauty understands the importance of providing supportive guidance and counseling to students trying to decide on the correct path for their future. We consider this a very serious responsibility and strive to work closely with our local area schools to provide career paths to students.
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We offer a variety of options to high school career counselors to reduce and simplify their student career counseling and planning efforts.
  • Explaining the FAFSA Application with Student/Parents or Guardian
  • Completing Master Promissory Notes with Student/Parents or Guardian
  • Packaging of Financial Aid
  • Student Loan Debt Counseling
  • Complete Personal Needs Assessment (Transportation, Daycare, Scheduling and Financial Aid)

It’s a team effort to help students successfully achieve their career goals.

We take pride in the support we provide to our students. Whether it is assisting with resume preparation, holding job fairs with potential employers, job placement assistance, or one-on-one counseling, we are committed to doing everything possible to enhance our students’ success and improve our local community.

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