Kylee Gardner

Sept 2018 Continental Graduate

The staff here at Continental is just awesome. Everyone from admissions, instructors, to receptionists have been helpful throughout my time here.


Benjamin Valence

August 2018 Continental Graduate

I chose Continental for the professionalism and the faculty. All of the staff and instructors are absolutely amazing. Join a school – Leave as a family.


Alexandra Longo

2018 Continental Graduate

Continental has prepared me to the absolute fullest in my short eight months as a student here. Not only in taking my boards but in what it takes to be successful and thrive in the industry.


Isabella Galgano

2018 Continental Graduate

Through my experience at Continental I was able to grow in many ways… Continental has given me the confidence to take on what life throws at me. Now my dream of becoming a hair stylist is reality.


Jamila Fabre

May 2018 Continental Graduate

I love the Instructors – very informative. Everything I need and wanted to know, I would ask the Director and Instructors and they instantly knew the answer or looked into it for me.


Julia Chudyk

May 2018 Continental Graduate

The staff is great at showing things more in depth and offering extra help… I feel very confident about my skills.


Carrie Rodriguez

April 2016 Continental Graduate

I had previously completed the Nail & Waxing program at Continental and was impressed with the professionalism, support and the way they believe in the students. They become like another family to you. They help you become a better version of yourself. Continental covers so much of what to expect in the salon life. The approach the school takes is realistic. I get to do what I love and I am good at it!


Irene Spinks

January 2018 Continental Graduate

I chose Continental because I like the one-to-one you get from the instructors. They make sure you know what you are doing, why you are doing it, and they make sure you are comfortable doing it. The staff is awesome, friendly, and loving.

deanna furia

DeAnna Furia

4/29/16 Continental Graduate

People always ask me where I attended beauty school and I can proudly say that I went nowhere else but the wonderful Continental. The follow up question is always, “Did you like it?” My answer? “Yes! I LOVED it!” As corny and superficial as it may sound, everyone you meet, students and staff alike, eventually merge into one huge family. The love and support you receive makes you never want to leave, no matter how much your “senioritis” builds within those last few months. Leaving Continental has made me realize that I made the right decision in pursuing my craft and not going to college like everyone else wanted me to. It gave me a sense of confidence to never be afraid of what others think and say about your decisions in life, especially when you’re doing what YOU want and LOVE. You’ve got to always be yourself, cater to YOUR OWN wants and needs, and of course, start it all at Continental!

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