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our picks for the biggest 2022 beauty trends

Our Picks for the Biggest 2022 Beauty Trends

As we say farewell to the year behind us, it’s a great time to explore what the year ahead has in store for fans of style, glam, and all things beauty. And from where we’re sitting, it looks like the biggest beauty trends of 2022 are going to be all about innovation, sustainability, and a place where au-naturelle meets bits...

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your beauty gift guide for the holiday

Your Beauty Gift Guide for the Holiday

Let’s face it; giving or receiving a gift just makes you feel good on the inside. Now that you are gearing up to take on the holidays, if you’re looking for inspiration for the perfect gift, why notchoose one that makes people feel good on the inside and the outside? Give the gift of beauty. To help you make someone’s...

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Holiday Makeup Tips

Holiday Makeup Tips

It’s safe to say that the holidays bring out our inner desire to add a little extra shimmer and shine to life. You know, decking the halls and all that jazz. But while you’re hanging the mistletoe and decorating the house, why not greet the season with a hot new look that could literally melt the ice off an igloo?...

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How to keep your nails healthy and hydrated

How to Keep Your Nails Healthy and Hydrated

It’s safe to say that not everyone’s nails are created equally. And if you’re one of those people who have always longed for strong, long and beautiful nails, you’re not alone! Yes, the nail salons are full of people looking for advice on how to get healthy, hydrated nails that can be flaunted! Fortunately, we’ve got some great tips for...

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top careers for estheticians

Top Careers for Estheticians

Let’s face it, there are plenty of great reasons to pursue a career in the beauty industry. But for some of us, it can be tough to narrow down just exactly what part of the beauty industry you’d like to work in. Fortunately, there’s one career path in beauty that offers plenty of different options to explore. We’re talking about...

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Tips for selecting the right lipstick shade to compliment your outfit

Tips for Selecting the Right Lipstick Shade to Complement Your Outfit

If you feel good you want to show that feeling off by looking good! What’s a better way to convey your mood than expressing it exactly where people will see it the most; on your lips and in your style! Complement your style with that perfect shade of lipstick. But how can you be sure that peach passion lipstick is...

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Career options for a cosmetologist

Career Options for a Cosmetologist

For most people, choosing the right career path is probably one of the most important life decisions they will ever have to make. If you happen to be faced with making that choice right now, you might agree that it’s one of the most difficult ones. Choosing the right career should definitely be a priority and align with your future...

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What is skinimalism? why is it taking the beauty world by storm?

What is Skinimalism? Why is it taking the beauty world by storm?

If you’re looking for a way to downsize the overflowing number of makeup and skincare products that seem to be taking over your medicine cabinet, your vanity and well every surface in your bathroom, bedroom and home in general, think skinimalism! If you’re wondering what exactly this tongue-twisting new skincare trend is, we can sum it up in three words:...

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why a career in barbering is right for you

Why a career in barbering is right for you?

Most people would likely agree that your barber is more than just the talented individual who pulls off a perfectly sculpted fade and inspires new trends. For many of us, visiting the barber shop is a social experience that is just plain enjoyable. So, if you have an interest in mastering your love of a cut and a shave and...

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Summer hair trends 2021

Summer Hair Trends 2021

With summer here, it’s time to bring out the flip-flops, sundresses, bathing suits, and the ultimate accessory: a fabulous summer hairstyle. If you’re looking for a hot new hairstyle here are some of the latest trends making waves this summer. Mullet mania If you thought this iconic 80s’ cut was so yesterday, think again. The all business in the front,...

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