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5 Cool Spring Nail Trends You Must Try

Famous comedian Robin Williams once said that “spring is nature’s way of saying – let’s party.”  And what better way to celebrate our favorite season of new beginnings than with some cool styles that are literally right at your fingertips!  Check out 5 of this season’s coolest nail trends that will have you high-fiving your nail tech and looking for an outfit to match your nails instead of matching your nails to your outfit!

French with a different slant – No one always wants to walk a straight line, right? With this cool twist on the traditional French manicure, paint an asymmetrical swath of white diagonally across a clear or beige base coat for a futuristic and quite elegant look. Or for a yin/yang feel, paint the top third of your nail half black and half white.

50 shades of glitter – Everything gold may not glitter, but glitter is always glam! Whether it’s a coppery, metallic glitter polish graduating to black ombre tips, a straight thin line across the top, or a silver glitter outlining your cuticles, this sparkly style has not lost its luster!

Beyond the tipping point – Brightly painted nails in bold spring colors like tangerine or lime green,  accentuated with delicately glitter-dipped fingers will take your style way beyond the tipping point and add a playful touch to your manicure.

Patriotically painted – There’s something about the American flag that inspires us all. And what better way to welcome spring and show your patriotic spirit than a good, old red, white and blue homage painted in bright, fun 4th of July fashion?  Whether you choose to literally paint stars and stripes or just color blocks of  ‘Merica’s favorite shades, this born in the USA fave is never out of style!

Classic red is always classic – You might think that really red nails are just old school and more your mom’s style that your own. Think again! If ever there was a color that sticks… to lips, nails, cheeks, dresses and so many more things that scream for a crimson coating – it’s classic red. Short nails, long nails…doesn’t matter. Always in style and always makes a statement.

Every spring season is the perfect time to springboard to a new, fun style that will keep heads turning and things interesting all the way down to the tips of your fingers and toes! Sounds like fun doesn’t it? That’s because creating unique, artistic ways to keeping your digits divinely interesting is fun! And if you’ve always had a knack for it, or even just an interest, maybe a career in the beauty industry is literally right at your fingertips! Check out Continental School of Beauty’s Nail Specialty program or Esthetics & Nail Specialty program.  You’ll get to see why students are not just getting an education but why they love every creative minute of it! Contact Continental School of Beauty today for more information on all the campus locations and programs near you. It’s the perfect time to plan your perfect future.

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