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Barbering Careers Are Not Just for Men

While the perception of a hairstylist seems to be gender neutral, a barber is generally assumed to be a man. And the barbershop was always a place to not just get a shave and a haircut, but a place where boys could be boys and men could be men. Women worked in beauty salons and men in barbershops. Why mess with tradition? After all, a woman couldn’t possibly understand how to give a great straight razor shave or the perfect fade, right?

Wrong. It’s a brave new world in beauty and both men and women are boldly going where their respective genders were not so boldly going in years past. Men get mani-pedis. Women get buzz cuts. And the only thing that has remained the same for guys and gals, is the desire to look your best. It matters less who helps you get there.

The training to become a barber versus a cosmetologist is different and is typically geared towards cutting and styling men’s hair and involves more training in facial shaving and grooming than a cosmetologist might receive. And while it is a traditionally male dominated field, the number of women choosing barbering training over cosmetology training is growing. So why would a woman choose to become a barber? The truth is, for the same reasons you would choose any career in the beauty industry!

• Flexible schedule options, you can often set your own schedule!
• Making people look and feel great…feels great!
• You get to be creative in an industry that is continuously evolving.
• Life-long friendships – you’ll have clients who become your clients for life!

It all comes down to who you are and the kind of work lifestyle you prefer. No matter what your reasons are for choosing to become a barber, it’s a profession that is no longer just for men. Continental School of Beauty’s Rochester campus is helping men and women get the training they need to become a part of the community of professional barbers. Contact Continental’s Rochester campus to learn more about the barbering program or to schedule a tour of the campus today! After all, when it comes to the beauty industry of today, we are all in this together!

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