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career choices for hairdressing and cosmetology

Career Choices for Hairdressing and Cosmetology

It’s safe to say, choosing a career path is never an easy decision. But a good place to start is by asking yourself, what do I love doing? Or maybe, what will make me jump out of bed in the morning vs hitting the snooze button 5 or more times every day. If adding beauty to the lives of people is something you enjoy and take great pride in doing, you might just be a perfect fit for a career in Hairdressing and Cosmetology. And the best part, there’s no one-size-fits-all path here. Why? Because the beauty industry offers a variety of different career options for licensed cosmetologists. To help you choose the right path for your future, check out some of the careers you can pursue as a cosmetology and hairdressing graduate.

What You Can do With a Hairdressing and Cosmetology Education

  • Hairstylist – Yeh, we get that this seems kind of obvious. But for the hair-obsessed, what could be better than cutting, coloring, styling, creating and rocking hairstyles of all kinds for a living? And think about how you feel about your hairstylist. Confidante, counselor, bestie? People build life-long relationships with their stylists. That’s a pretty awesome perk.
  • Makeup Artist – Whether your niche is glamming up wedding parties, proms and other events, or working behind the scenes in the theater or entertainment industry, how cool does this job sound? Talk about tapping into your inner artist! We’re pretty sure the hottest celebrities are not doing their own makeup. That could be you!
  • Waxing Specialist – Where there’s unwanted hair, there’s always going to be a need for removal of unwanted hair. Considering a career path as a waxing specialist may just put you a position to help people be hair-free, which is care-free!  As you can imagine excessive hair can be frustrating, but self-waxing can be totally uncomfortable, a waxing specialist has the superhero powers to help others look and feel good one unwanted patch of hair at a time!
  • Nail Technician – If hair and makeup aren’t your thing, you’ve still got plenty of options. Because as a licensed cosmetologist, you’ll be trained in nail care too. That means you’ve got another career path to consider that can unleash your creativity!
  • Be Your Own Boss – If you’ve always loved the idea of being your own boss, you can run your own show as a salon owner! Most cosmetology programs include training in the business side of salon operations, so you can choose to rent a booth in someone else’s salon or be an entrepreneur and run your own salon. Either way, you’ll be able to control your own schedule and also your income.

Where You Can Work

Another amazing benefit of a hairdressing and cosmetology education is not just what you can do, but where you can do it.

  • Resort and Hotel Spas – Imagine working in some of the most beautiful resorts and hotels out there! Many of the services a cosmetologist is trained to provide are offered at resorts and hotels. Always wanted to work in a tropical location, your skills can take you anywhere!
  • Cruise Lines – Speaking of travel, the same goes for cruise lines. There’s always a need for skilled cosmetologists to provide a wide range of spa and salon services to their guests. You can see the world and get paid to do it!
  • Entertainment Industry – If you’re interested in working in the entertainment industry, you could be in Hollywood working on a television show set one week, and across the globe for a movie the next. Or how about traveling with a musician or band? The sky really is the limit with your skill set.

At the end of the day, there are as many options for what to do with your hairdressing and cosmetology education, as your mind can dream up. And it all starts with one simple step – contacting Continental School of Beauty. Continental is training the next generation of cosmetology professionals and is a great place to start your journey to a future in the world of beauty. Contact us today to learn more. Your future starts now!

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