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Halloween Nail Art 2017

There is magic in the night when pumpkins glow in Halloween moonlight.  That’s right, Halloween is right around the corner. And for all you stylish ghouls out there, it’s time to put together an unforgettable look that literally screams on the creepiest night of the year! But don’t just don a wig and plaster your face with Halloween makeup. If you want to stand out, accessorize!! From your fingertips to your toes – literally! What could be more fun than decorating your digits to complete your spooktacular look! Check out these hot trends for your tips this year.

Full moon madness – Lend a little full moon magic to your ensemble. Apply a black nail polish base and create a marbled effect using gray polish swirled into any moon shape you like with a cotton swab dipped in water.

Here kitty kitty – Does a black cat on Halloween make bad luck even worse? Well, try mixing it up then with a few white cats too! Paint these cute kitties from the eyes up on each nail, alternating colors for a whimsical look that is anything but unlucky.

Slasher nails – If you’re one of those slasher film fans, you’ll love this ode to all things edgy! Apply clear false nails and carefully paint a tiny butcher knife blade in silver with a black polish handle. Simple but seriously sharp!

Come hither and slither – What says Halloween better than some spooky slithering serpents? Apply a clear coat and once dry, paint a continuous, curvy red streak across each nail to mimic the shape of a snake. Fill in your serpent with white and black stripes and finish with a little hissing red tongue.

Ghastly and ghostly – Over a clear base coat, paint a ghostly shape in white polish but don’t paint all the way to the cuticle for a “floating” effect. Create eyes and a mouth with black polish and get to haunting!!!

One Halloween ombré – Hair is not the only thing rocking the ombré look. To jazz up your Halloween style, try a classic orange and black polish combo painted on with an ombré flair or to get a little gorier, go blood red and black.

Even if you are not a die-hard Halloween fanatic, celebrate that inner childish goblin and have a little fun with some funky or freaky nails this year. And if you’re not just a fan of Halloween but are also a fan of constantly creating unique styles, maybe you should explore a career in nail art design or esthetics. Continental School of Beauty’s Esthetics & Nail Specialty Program is designed to help students get the training they need to become fully licensed professionals in the beauty industry. Continental has a variety of campus locations to choose from and flexible schedules to fit just about any busy lifestyle. Contact us today to learn more and start your journey to your exciting future in awesome world of beauty! Helping people look great never felt so good!

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