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Helpful Tips for Dry Hair

If you subscribe to the theory that your hair is 90% of your selfie, then you’re likely always looking for ways to make your own hair shine. Those of us who struggle with dry hair sometimes need a little extra help in that department to avoid having the occasional bad hair day turning into a bad hair life! And while some would say your hair was put on your head to remind you that you cannot control everything, with a few helpful hints, you can definitely control that 90% and be selfie ready in an instant!

Over-washed is over-worked –It’s true. If you have dry hair, shampooing every day will strip it of its essential oils which are the hair’s natural moisturizer.  Shampoo every other day to avoid that sad, dry hair that looks more lion king than little mermaid.

Choose your suds wisely – Translation – choose a shampoo with moisturizing ingredients to give your hair a boost of moisture before you hit it with conditioner. Dry hair is thirsty! Hydrate it whenever you can.

Keep it real – trimmed – As anyone battling the frizz can tell you, keeping your ends regularly trimmed will help keep your hair looking healthy and minimizes the frizz and breakage that often go along with dry, brittle hair.

Don’t feel the burn – You may not be able to live without your flat iron and super-hot blow dryer but be careful not to scorch your hair during styling. And never use a curling iron or a flat iron on damp hair. Pre-treat your hair with a protective heat spray or serum to avoid damaging your delicate locks.

Take care of what’s on the inside – You are what you eat. And so is your hair! Keep in mind that good nutrition affects your entire body. Hydrating your body with plenty of water and eating foods that contain omega-3 fatty acids like salmon, nuts and avocados, will help keep you healthy from the inside out.

Getting the treatment – For the driest heads among us, a regular hot oil treatment can be highly effective at providing a lot of moisture for your hair. Try massaging warm coconut oil or argan oil into your hair, wrap it in a towel and let it do its thing for 30 minutes. You’ll be amazed at the results!

Good hair days make you feel like you rule the world, while bad hair days can make you feel like it’s the end of the world. We all want our hair to represent us well, so keeping the bad ones to a minimum is pretty important. Have you always enjoyed helping people rock that good hair? If that sounds familiar, you might be perfect for a future in cosmetology! The Cosmetology Programat Continental School of Beautyis helping students get the hands-on training they need to join the ranks of talented hair stylists out there making a difference, one blow-out at a time. With a variety of flexible schedules to choose from to suit just about any busy lifestyle, Continental also has instructorswith real world skills and experience. Contact Continental School of Beautytoday to learn more or to schedule a tour of our campus. So many heads to make fabulous, don’t wait another day to get started!

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