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Holiday Party Hair Trends 2016

As you search for the perfect party dress this holiday season, consider letting your “do” do the talking on this year’s holiday party circuit. After a year of twists and turns in hair trends, there’s a festive look for everyone to call their own. 

It’s a wrap

Instead of a velvet and ribbon wrapped gift, try winding a length of velvet or metallic ribbon around 2 ponytails. Gather one at the nape of the neck and one just below the crown, wrapping them into one sleek, elegant look.

Sleek and sassy

For a simple but dramatic look, slicked back hair, blow-dried to follow the shape of your head to lay smoothly behind the shoulders is the perfect complement to a sparkly ensemble.

Neither up nor down

The half up half down look can be less Steven Segal and more Kendall Jenner with minimal effort. Smoothly blown out and flat ironed hair that is lightly teased at the crown to add volume and gathered just above the ears and formed into a knot or into a half ponytail at the center of the back of the head creates a super sharp look for casual or formal functions.

Chicly chignon

The height of elegance, the chignon is a classic that rarely goes out of style.  Whether your preference is a low, tightly woven knot or a loosely bundled bun, this look is versatile and fuss free once secured. For a smooth finish dab a drop of shine serum to smooth out any stray fly-aways strands.

Crowning glory

In a continuing nod to all things medieval and queenly, a beautifully woven braid wrapped around the head like a crown will have heads turning and people curtsying at your regal yet stylish look.  For an even more festive look, weave some sparkling strands of beads into your braid.

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