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How to Get Beach Hair

You’ve picked the perfect bikini, found the sweetest flip-flops and slathered on plenty of sunscreen. Yes, you are ready to make this the best beach day ever! Except for that final finishing touch – your hair. Don’t worry beach babes, we’ve rounded up some easy, beach-worthy ‘dos to keep you feeling cool and looking stylish all-season long.

Flip It – Put a fresh twist on an old favorite, the French braid. A great way to use this style to keep the hair off your neck, is to do it upside down. Flip your hair and start the braid from the bottom up. When you reach the crown, get right side up and twist it all into a delightfully, messy beachy bun.

That’s a Wrap – For an effortless, but beautifully vintage look, wrap your hair in a colorful scarf. It’s a great way to look cool while you protect yourself from those pesky UV Rays.

Beach Blonde – Most beach bunnies would agree that the surfer look is hot! That sandy two-toned color just screams sunshine. If you use a peroxide-based method to get that look, make sure you’re using products that help keep your hair hydrated. Peroxide/bleaching products can dry your hair out, so using a deep conditioner that hydrates and conditions the scalp and roots is the best way to pull off a healthy-looking beachy blonde.

Mermaid Life – Always be yourself, unless, of course – you can be a mermaid. In that case, you should always be a mermaid! A lovely mermaid-esk style is the fishtail side ponytail. Not only is it a great way to cool off and keep the hair off your neck, it will make you feel like you were born to be at sea. Give this look a little something extra by placing tiny, adorable seashell clips throughout your hair.

Ocean Breeze– Want beautiful beach worthy waves? All you need is a couple of minutes, sea salt spray, and a hair straightener. Start by spritzing your hair with sea salt spray. Next, part your hair into two sections, twist each side one at a time, and carefully flat iron both twists. Finally, shake it out. This will give you a day at the beach style that is ready to roll in no time.

Space Buns– A cute style that works will all hair textures, are perfectly placed, high-twisted buns. First, split your hair into two sections. Pull each section into a ponytail that sits just to the side of the crown of your head. Then twist and coil each tail into a bun, securing with bobby pins or a hairband. This look will channel your inner 90’s beach babe.

Just like the seashells on the beach, you are beautiful and unique! Are you someone who loves experimenting with different looks? Do you love sharing those new looks with others?  If that sounds like you, maybe you should consider a career in cosmetology! Learn how to take your love of all things style and turn it into a future in the world of beauty. Continental School of Beautyis helping style fans across upstate New York get the training they need to join the talented artists in the beauty industry. With flexible schedules and hands-on training from experienced instructors, Continental can help you too! Contact Continental School of Beautytoday to learn more or schedule a tourof one of our 4 campus locations.

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