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Top Fall Manicure Trends 2017

The art of “nailing” it with nails that make a statement is indeed an art. And in a hands-on world, it’s more important than ever to lead with digits that dazzle! This fall’s hottest manicure trends range from vintage to futuristic and everything in between. Check out some of the latest and don’t be afraid to let your hands do the talking!

  • Beyond bedazzled – We’re not talking a few rhinestones or a pinch of glitter here. For a bejeweled, sparkly look, try applying a variety of clear and colored gemstones across nail extensions and watch the heads turn to catch a glimpse of the glorious sparkle at your fingertips.
  • Barely there – At the other end of the spectrum, the au natural look of simple, clear lacquer looks pretty and refined.
  • Coolly chromatic – Not just for cars anymore, the look of chrome delivers a metallic shine that is more than eye catching. It’s brilliant!
  • Blossoming at the tips – Pretty petals pressed onto the tip of the nail and sealed in with clear gloss are the ultimate nod to floral elegance. And there are as many options as there are flowers to choose from.
  • Gleaming and glossy – A high-shine, super glossy color is just the ticket to show off shorter, oval shaped nails.
  • Goldfinger – Not James Bond kids, boldly, gold fingernails. With metallic still holding on to their popularity, applying all gold polish is a big fall fave this season.
  • One sassy ombrè – Nails painted in a darker fall hue with a darker, smoky accent color in the same color pallet applied towards the tip, is sexy and sleek.
  • Tipping – Giving your nails a curved line of polish at the tip but wider than a typical French manicure is the hot trend this fall. And don’t be afraid to try a swipe of any color you like and even add an accessory to one or all your nails to truly put your best fingers forward!

When it comes to making your manicure more than mentionable this fall, the only trouble you’ll have is deciding what to try next! So have some fun with it and try them all! It’s a great way to complete your look and be creative at the same time. Have you always enjoyed creating signature styles for your nails and your friend’s nails too? It doesn’t have to be just a hobby. Continental School of Beauty is helping students all across upstate NY get the hands-on training they need to become licensed nail technicians. With flexible schedules and a variety of campus locations, Continental can help you too!  Contact Continental School of Beauty today to learn more about how you can join the ranks of artists creating beautiful and unique styles on hands everywhere.

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