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Top Fall Nail Trends

Top Fall Nail Trends

Fall doesn’t just bring a bevy of pumpkin spice, and cool, crisp air. To fans of all things beauty and style-related, fall also brings the opportunity to change up your nail game with some fun and fabulous trends. Check out what made our fall favorites list:

Unchained Melody

When you take your favorite manicure style, whether it’s French, reverse French, or just simply a clear coat on natural nails, and accessorize with sweet little chains, charms and other accent pieces, you get an ultra-cool look worth singing about.

Back to Black

Always a solid option for fall nails, this season is seeing matte and gloss black together making goth look glamorous.

Burnt Sienna

As classic as the crayon, this color positively inspires the feeling of those crunchy orange leaves beneath your feet.

Checked Off the List

Paint those nails in any shade you want, but perfectly plaid gives off the perfect back-to-school vibe.

Deeply Brown

Not too dark but with just the right touch of earthiness your autumn self is in the mood for.

Velvet Touch

There are a variety of ways to get the sumptuous, dimensional look of velvet. Some nail artists are using flocking powder to create that velvety texture, and others are using magnetic nail polish to creates the illusion of shimmery velvet.

Make Mine Micro

Micro French manicures on square shaped nails are all over this fall’s nail game. A thin line painted in a metallic gold or silver on a nude base is subtle, yet sassy.

The Universe at Your Fingertips

Everyone seems all about other-worldly things this fall, so why not bring a little other-worldly to your nails? Swirling shades of black, deep purple and blue melded with a silver glitter topcoat inspires the inner star gazer.

It’s Not Easy Being Green

Unless you’re this season’s metallic olive green with so much shine, you may need to wear shades.


Chrome can be bold in blindingly bright metallic shade, or chrome can be soft with a subtle blush shade under a high-shine chrome topcoat. Either way, it’s a glorious look.

Lip Gloss Nails

Think nails that match the shade of your lips – but with the sheen of your favorite lip gloss.

As you can see, there are literally too many options to list! Fortunately, you have the whole season to try out all the trends. And if you’re more than a little passionate about creating fabulous nails all year round, why not turn that passion into a career? After all, getting paid to do something you love is the ultimate dream job!

If you’d like to learn more about careers in the world of nail artistry, check out the Esthetics and Nail Specialty program at Continental School of Beauty. The program also covers a wide range of esthetic techniques that can open the door to even more opportunities in the beauty industry. Contact us today to learn more or schedule a tour of one of our three campus locations.

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