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Top Prom Hairstyles of 2018

For most teens, prom night isn’t just a chance to glam it up and unleash your inner Prince or Princess. It’s a chance to really express yourself and your own personal style before moving on to the next chapter of life after high school. So you’re gonna want to make it memorable. From the top of your head, to the tips of your toes, to the carefully chosen ensemble, this is a night you want it all to come together. After all, have you seen your parent’s prom pics? (Was that a mullet, Dad?) Not to worry! We’ve rounded up the hottest hairstyles this prom season has to offer to make your look and your night unforgettable! 


Peachy prom perfection –Adding some bright, fun colors to your hair has been trending for some time now. This look takes balayage to a different level by contrasting very dark tresses with graduating shades of peach that end in a bright, almost neon pink hue. Keep in mind that such high contrast fashion colors need more maintenance to keep them from fading, so choose hair products that help retain color.


So many braids, so little time – There are a ton of great looks that begin with a simple braid that is taken up a notch. Like the romantic fishtail braid starting at the temple and winding down together over one shoulder secured with a pretty accessory.


Or perhaps a simple braid that starts at the nape of the neck and is wound together with a colored ribbon that ties a few inches from the end, leaving pretty tendrils of hair at the bottomof the braid.


And don’t forget our edgy, more closely cropped styles, the undercut look that is achieved by creating a tight row of braided cornrows close to the scalp on one side of your head, with the rest of your hair dramatically swept to the other side.  


An updo will always do – It’s true that the classic updo is a prom classic too. But there are so many awesome variations; the options for creating your own signature look are endless!


Consider the trending baby bunsthat are popping up on heads everywhere. The beauty of the baby bun is it works on short hair really well. Divide the hair into 2, 4 (or as many as you have enough hair and headroom for,) into tiny scrunched buns and secure each with an elastic band for a cute and whimsical look.


Or try stacking buns in a row down the back of your head by pulling sections of hair into vertically aligned ponytails and simply twist each section into a bun and secure. You can mix this style by letting the remaining hair drape down your back. But don’t fret if you are a fan of the traditional tightly and neatly pulled together up-do or the romantic loosely gathered bun. There are no rules when it comes to expressing your personal style!


Mermaid meets Disney princess – Long, luxurious locks are hard to beat if you’re looking for that belle of the ball look. Long mermaid style waves are never out of style and neither is the side swept, long part adorned with a sparkly barrette. Perfectly curled ringlets accented by a crown of flowers or just one single bud are a nod to our love of romantic style – aka the princess look.


For most of us, prom night only comes once in a lifetime. So have some fun with your look and make it a memory that will last a lifetime! And if you’ve always had fun trying out new looks and creating signature styles, maybe this is a good time to think about a career in cosmetology! If this sounds right up your alley, check out the Hairdressing and Cosmetology Programat Continental School of Beauty. With flexible schedules and several campus locationsacross upstate NY to choose from, Continental is helping style gurus just like you get the training they need to become licensed cosmetologists.  Contact us today and start your next chapter at Continental School of Beauty. Your beautiful future is waiting for you.


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