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Top Reasons a Beauty Career is Right for You

If you are among the many people who feel the subconscious ticking of the career clock and aren’t sure of anything other than that you love style, you have style and you love creating style for other people, don’t let the career clock intimidate you! Instead, take your love of trending styles and the art of beauty and turn it into a career! The beauty industry as a whole is growing and it’s a place where everyone belongs! If you’re not intrigued yet, here are some reasons to get intrigued and help take your life in a whole new, beautiful direction.

Business Casual?

If that’s your style, sure! Why not?  In the beauty industry, not only do you get to be you, but you also get to help other people be exactly who they want to be!  Whether it’s Barbie blonde and sweet, or tattoos and blue hair.  When customers see that you’re doing what you love, they’ll trust you to deliver a style they love! And let’s face it… It’s pretty awesome to get to enjoy being yourself and get paid while doing it.

Personality Perks

In this field, personality and compassion are key characteristics to success in any field but if you are the ultimate people person, enjoy making people feel good about how they look, and wield a blow dryer like a magic wand; you are an absolute natural for a career in beauty!  How well you relate to your clients will take you very far. So come on social butterflies! There are clients in cocoons everywhere waiting for you to transform them.


Most folks trust few people more than the one holding the scissors over their head.  And often, that trust evolves into lifelong friendships. And when your friends are your clients, they are also invested in your success! So always treat your clients with the kind of respect and compassion you would treat your friends with and they will keep coming back. Be sensitive to their moods and try to stay up to date on their lives so that you can truly make their time with you a beautiful experience.

Making a career out of mastering your passion for beauty doesn’t need much else to sell it. So if you’re ready to take that first step and pursue your dream of a beauty career, check out Continental School of Beauty today. Our experienced educators are ready to help you become one of the talented artists making, not just their own dream come true, but the dreams of masses of clients out there relying on the expertise of people just like you! Contact Continental for more information or schedule a tour of one of the many locations across upstate NY. It’s the perfect time to do start doing what you love for a living.

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