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Top Signs You Have a Future in Barbering

The evolution of one of the world’s oldest professions has been an exciting one and has not only inspired a whole new generation of male grooming gurus, but has also opened doors that were previously closed to women joining the once male-dominated profession.  More than the face of barbering has changed over the years. Going to the barbershop used to be a necessary chore to keep appearances up. But in today’s society, it’s become a part of our cultural expression. With emerging technologies and skilled barbers competing to stay on the cutting edge of style (pun intended), it’s no wonder the world of barbering has become a booming industry. So who is today’s barber? Think you’ve got what it takes? Let’s look at some of the top signs to consider that might point to a future in barbering for you!

A man or woman of the people – You like people. People like you. Sounds simple right? But a good barber has people skills to spare and is both a good listener and a good communicator. Let’s face it; you are literally persuading someone to sit in a chair in from of you while you use sharp implements on or around their head. That is trust my friends and it is much easier to obtain with excellent people skills.

Don’t fence me in – You love traveling and the freedom of taking your show on the road appeals to you big time! Fortunately, barbering is a global profession that you can find work in literally anywhere.

Wake me up when it’s over – The same thing every day bores you and you need something less mundane on a daily basis. When you’re a barber, sure you’ll have regular clients but you’ll also likely meet new people every day who will challenge your skills and keep things interesting.

License to create – You have a creative streak that cannot be tamed. Lucky for you, that is a prerequisite for a good barber and will help you build a broad and plentiful list of clients while you get to express yourself as an artist.

Ain’t nobody got time for this – The idea of a traditional education makes you cringe because you want to work now, not four years from now! Barber training is much faster and can get you on the path to generating income earlier than some careers.

They look good, they feel good and so do you – You’re a person that is happiest when you’ve put a smile on someone else’s face. And any profession that revolves around making someone else look good and feel good is a win-win. Barbering is all about that and sure beats cubicle life!

There are plenty of other “symptoms” that you are a great candidate for the barbering profession. If you like having more control over your schedule and your revenue stream, this could be a future that has you making a living doing something you love. And what could be better than that? If you’d like to learn more about the barbering profession, check out the Barbering Program at Continental School of Beauty’s Rochester campus. Continental’s Barbering Program is helping students acquire the skills they need to become fully licensed, professional barbers. Contact Continental today and find out how you can make the cut!

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