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Top Spring Makeup Trends for 2017

Spring has indeed sprung in the beauty industry with all the vibrant colors one would expect from the season best known for its explosion of life and color. Every shade of the rainbow, including the rainbow itself, is represented on the faces of this spring’s make-up trend setters! And the real beauty of this season’s make-up trends are that more is more and less is more! Yes! You can pull off whichever end of the spectrum you like. From minty green lips to the “no makeup”, makeup look, it’s the perfect time to experiment with a brand new look or a multitude of looks! Check out some of the hot trends sweeping across a myriad of faces near you –

Lipstick – it’s not just for lips any more – That’s right fans of repurposing! Applying your favorite shade of lipstick instead of blush to give your cheeks that perfectly rosy glow is not only a great way to use up that last bit of lipstick but lasts longer than standard blush on your cheeks. “Drape” it up towards your temple for a retro eighties look that is anything but dated.

Less smoke, more smudge – The classic smokey eye has been overtaken this season by the just woke up, late night smudgy eye. No crisp, neatly drawn lines here. Eye gloss is applied over Kohl eyeliner leaving a smudgy look that is edgy and urban but also a bit bohemian.

Rainbow sherbet – Blending aqua, gold, lavender and chartreuse shimmery eye shadow will have you channeling unicorns and all things fairy dust! The ultra-colorful pastels lend a bit of magic to just about any look.

Glitter + Chocolate = Delicious Lips – Chocolate covered cherry colored lips get even better and more sexy with chocolate colored glitter creating a deep and sparkly look that is dramatic yet playful.
Bare-faced beauty – One of the hottest looks this spring is the no-look – look. A fresh, clean face with only a touch of clear gloss will have you reaching for the make-up remover!

Color me with colorful – Whether its lips, eyes or cheeks, this season is calling all colors! Bold, bright, soft or subdued, there are no wrong moves on the color pallet. Two-toned sunset orange “ombre´” lips, teal eye shadow, shimmery purple brows and all things pink, pink, pink – are not just ok to try but highly encouraged on a grand scale!

Renowned make-up artist James Kaliardo said that “Makeup is a powerful way to effectively reveal something unique about your inner self.” Conversely, makeup gives you the power to recreate and even control how people see you. Are you a lifelong fan of the artistry of makeup? Do you love to create a signature look and get satisfaction from making others feel good? A career in cosmetology or esthetics might be just right for you! Continental School of Beauty is helping students join the talented pool of artists making the world more beautiful one awesome look at a time! Contact Continental now to learn more about our Cosmetology and Esthetics programs or to schedule a tour at of one of our many campuses in the upstate New York area. You have the power to create your beautiful future! Call us today.

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