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Top Summer 2017 Hairstyle Trends

Salt in the air, sand in your hair sounds pretty fabulous when the weather is frigid and you’re counting the minutes until the days get longer and you can pack away the coats and unpack the flip-flops. There’s something beautiful about being able to change your hair style with the changing of the seasons. With another summer upon us bringing the heat, why not usher your summer in with a hot new hairstyle? This season brings the heat for sure with fun and practical styles to keep you looking hot but keeping things cool and trendy.

Perfectly plaited ponies – For a humidity forgiving style, look no further than the ponytail.  But not your average ponytail; one that sits high on your crown ending in a whimsical, woven fishtail braid. This simple style is cute and screams summertime.

Top notch – “top knot” – If you’re looking for something a little more contained in your summer-do,  sleekly, smoothed hair leading up to a neatly piled top knot.  Secure any stray strands with a well-placed bobby pin or two for an elegant look that will keep you cool when summer heats up.

Baby braids baby – Playful and free-spirited, tiny baby braids on one or both sides of your face are a fun summer style that can be accessorized with a simple colored ribbon wound through to create a splash of color. A simple add-on to wavy, medium or long hair, the baby braid is a great way to change up your style with a minimum commitment.

Wave on wave – If anything says summer more than waves, we don’t know what that is! Loosely tousled, beachy waves need very little help to make a statement. Beautifully uncomplicated, this wash and go style can be achieved with the application of a texturizing lotion to towel-dried, damp hair. Applied to the mid-section of your hair, give it some scrunching and get the look that says you’re ready for a summer adventure!

Just be blunt – Stay cool this summer and don’t be afraid to go above the shoulders with the blunt bob cut and take on an edgy but refined look. The sharp, comfortable style keeps turning heads wherever you are. For added volume, apply a bit of mousse or thickening spray to be sure your bob doesn’t go flat.

Every summer has its own story. Let your style tell the story of your summer and have some fun with it while you’re at it!  If you’ve always been intrigued by what the seasons bring to style and have a passion for creating it, maybe a career in cosmetology is the place to explore that passion.  Continental School of Beauty’s Hairdressing and Cosmetology Program is helping students do just that with training from experienced educators who are ready to guide you toward your goal of a successful career in the world of beauty! Turn your passion into a career doing what you love all season long! Contact Continental today to learn more, or to schedule a tour of one of our many campus locations across upstate New York.


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