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Top Summer Nail Styles

Summer is getting hot! So, why not bring on the pool parties, beach days, and BBQ’s with some hot new nails? Let’s get a show of hands for the fun and fabulous nails keeping style games strong this summer.

Ice ice baby

Ice blue may seem like a winter thing but this summer it feels fresh and frosty!

Perfectly pierced

If you’re running out of parts to pierce, you’ll love having 10 more options! A delicate nail-ring on one, two or all of your nails makes it easy to take your love for piercings to a whole different level.

Almond joy

The classic almond shape is a summertime hit this season. Painted in a creamy white, they make a great blank pallet for a pop of color across the tip.

Be transparent

Clear press-on nails are part of this season’s fun and funky style. The beauty of this trend is you get to choose what length you want to sport. But ultra-long is the go-to this summer.

Stylin’ in stilettos

The good news is, you don’t have to walk in these! Channel your inner Cruella Deville with this these dramatically pointed tips. Paint them in a metallic shade for some added flair.

Not necessarily neutral

Neutral take on a new shape (or color in this case), with just a hint of pale color in shades of light blue, pink and lavender.

Black & white

The ultimate in contrast, you can get super creative and go full checkered flag or simple with a bold geometric shape over a black or white base.

There are tons of options this summer, so, have some fun and try them all! If creating signature styles that keep heads turning is your thing, you should check out the Esthetics and Nails Program at Continental School of Beauty! With multiple campus locations in upstate New York to choose from, Continental is helping students launch careers in the beauty industry. Contact us today to learn more.

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