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Top Ways to Beat Frizzy Hair This Summer

Long hair – don’t care. Short hair – don’t care. Even pink hair? Don’t care. But guess what folks? Frizzy hair? Oh yeah, we care and anyone who has experienced the almost molecular change in their hair when the humidity rises can attest to that. Fighting the frizz? The heat, humidity, and showers of summer usher in with it an epic daily battle of the frizz. All the effort and dedication you put into looking presentable are suddenly in jeopardy the minute you walk out the door. Well, don’t lose the war against frizz! Here are some must have tips to help you keep your crowning glory more lustrous than the Lion King!

Keep your tools cool – It’s hard to avoid the tools that really do help us tame our unruly manes like blow dryers and flat irons. But try to avoid your hair coming in contact with extreme heat on a daily basis. When you can, let your hair air dry, and give it a much-needed rest from the damage curling, blow-drying, and flat ironing can inflict.

Towel me gently – When manually drying your hair, be gentle. Regular towel drying can cause voluptuous cuticles around each strand of hair, resulting in frizzy, broken looking strands. To minimize this problem, use microfiber towels to dry your hair. Microfiber is less harsh on your scalp and will keep your hair looking smoother.

Take a little off the ends – Keep your hair looking sleek and smooth instead of frayed and frizzy by keeping your ends trimmed. Regular trimming will keep split ends at bay and split ends are a big reason for frizz!

Product placement – Invest in high-quality products that can help you prevent damage from the heat of the flat iron and the humidity of summer! An anti-humidity spray, anti-frizz serum or a heat protection spray can all become your weapons in the war on frizz! If your hair is a bit oily, you can choose an oil free hair serum.

Hands off approach –  Avoid having your hands in your hair all day. Fussing with your hair can create excess frizz. You’ll be surprised how long your hair can remain frizz-free if you simply keep your hands out of it.

Put the “dry” in blow-dry – When blow-drying your hair, be sure you dry until there is an absence of dampness. Any extra water left in your hair will ignite the frizz as soon as you step outside. And always point your blow dryer downward towards your feet when drying your hair. Going against the grain wreaks havoc on your cuticles and can take away that sleek shine. Also be sure to give your hair a cool blast of air from your blow dryer to help eliminate frizz.

Cool it down – When you shampoo your hair, give it a final, cool rinse to help close the cuticles so when you blow dry, you will have a smoother finish. The results will amaze you!

In the battle of the frizz, an ounce of preparation (and a dab of good hair product) can prevent many a bad hair day! Have you always loved creating great styles for yourself and your friends that keep those bad hair days at bay? Maybe a career in cosmetology is right for you! Continental School of Beauty’s Cosmetology Program is providing the training and guidance to students all across upstate NY who want to join artists out there making dreams happen. Are you ready to learn more? Don’t wait! Contact Continental School of Beauty today or schedule a tour of the many campus locations available and get ready to pursue your passion in the beauty industry!

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