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why a career in barbering is right for you

Why a career in barbering is right for you?

Most people would likely agree that your barber is more than just the talented individual who pulls off a perfectly sculpted fade and inspires new trends. For many of us, visiting the barber shop is a social experience that is just plain enjoyable. So, if you have an interest in mastering your love of a cut and a shave and enjoy socializing, a career as a barber may be right for you! Here are some reasons to pursue your passion!

  1. Community vibe – Part of the reason the barber shop has become more than just a place to get a shave and a haircut, is the camaraderie with your fellow barbers. After all, cutting hair while you’re cutting up with your workmates is a rewarding way to earn a living.
  2. Skills that can take you anywhere – There are some careers that are just portable. And barbering is one of them. Not only can you find jobs working in unique locations, but you might even land a professional athlete or a celebrity as a client. And it’s common for celebs and sport’s figures to bring their personal barbers on the road with them. After all, who are you going to trust with the look and style that you face your fans with?
  3. Freedom and flexibility – One of the best things about being a barber is the freedom to choose your own schedule, select your own clients and even pick your own location. You can choose to work as an employee at a barbershop or be your own boss. It also puts the power of earning in your own hands using your unique and crafted skill set.
  4. The future looks bright – Job security is a big deal in any industry. The good news is that the future looks bright for the barbering profession. In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs for barbers are projected to increase by 66,500 by 2029.*
  5. Creative on the daily – Every head that sits in your chair is a new opportunity to tap into your inner artist, while you also transform someone’s look and possibly even their day! And you’ll be interacting with people from all walks of life.

Barbering has become more than just a career path. It’s practically an art form! And there’s the added bonus of getting hands-on, interactive training that makes getting an education feel less like work and more like fun. If you’d like to learn more about a career in the barbering industry, check out the Barbering Program at Continental School of Beauty. Offered at our Rochester campus, Continental is helping students launch careers that don’t just make people look good, they make them feel good! Contact us today for more information or to schedule a campus tour.


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