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Winter 2016 Hot Hair Trends for Cooler Weather

As we ease into the season and prepare to embrace cooler weather, hot hair trends are just getting hotter! This winter is full of ways to get in touch with your inner-well, just about anything! It’s fashionable to be different this season, so whether you’re a fan of sleek and straight, bombastically full and texturized or somewhere in between, there’s a style with you written all over it. We may be closing in on the end another year but why not breeze into the next one with a whole new look?

One hot trend began with the makeover of an old standby – the traditional bob. This fan fave got its own makeover and spawned the lob! Not just your ordinary blunt cut, the lob is a long bob that many stylists swear is universally appealing due to its perfect balance between long and short that still allows you to draw attention to color, shape and texture. The lob has more options for chic side-swept waves and a bit more room for trendy colors like ombre and bayalage.

The evolution of the bob doesn’t stop there. At the other end of the spectrum, the long and strong bob is gaining momentum. This long, evenly cut version allows the hair to flow together with in beautiful symmetry. The textured shag bob is another version for those who want a fuller look with a bit more edge.

Cuts notwithstanding, other hot hair trends bring a variety of styling techniques to this season’s trend seekers. The super straight, sleek hair of seasons past has met its match in this fall’s all things curls and texture. Natural kinky curls or loose waves, all manner of hair curves are in!

And how can we not, not love knots? No ponytails this time around. Whether you prefer the intricate chignon of the 18th century knot or the loosely twisted, messy knot of today, it all works! You can embellish your choice of knottiness with the trend that has followed us into fall. The vintage accessory! If you want to channel your inner medieval princess, try on an ornate tiara or antique-looking barrette.

It’s a season full of great trends to choose from to heat up your cold nights. Have you always wanted to be one of the professionals creating those great trends? Continental School of Beauty’s Hairdressing and Cosmetology Program is helping students do just that. With hands-on training from experienced instructors with real world skills and knowledge and several locations to choose from,Continental is a great place to start your training for a career in the beauty industry! Don’t wait another day! Contact us now to learn more or to schedule a tour of one of our campuses.

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