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Day to Night Makeup Looks

In the hectic daily grind, it’s easy to find time to completely transform your makeup look from a day to night look – said no one ever. Seriously, when you’re literally running from work to school to whatever it is your daily activities include, time is not always your friend. What’s an over-scheduled multi-tasker to do when date night arrives and there’s no time to get your best face in best face order? Relax fellow fast-paced lifers!  You can make the most of your night by taking your makeup from day to night without a hitch.

Day to night lip service

This might be the easiest trick for getting glammed up in a hurry. If you’re sporting pale pink or a frosted shade during the day, no need to remove it and start over. Just bring a pumped-up version of that color – bold red over pale pink or a metallic shade over frosted tones and boom! Let your lips do the talking.

Draw the line anytime

With a liquid or pencil liner that is. That’s how quick and easy is it to draw a dramatic cats-eye wing for a solid ready for anything look!

Take your lashes up a notch

Painstakingly applying mascara is never super easy or quick. So, carry an eyelash curler in your bag and pump up the volume quickly with only a light coat of fresh mascara over your morning application.

Take the detour to contouring

You’ve already applied your daytime concealer and highlighter. But get a spiced-up night look by applying a darker concealer to your cheekbones and get that sculpted look that screams nightlife.

Prime your night

By starting your day and your makeup routine with a good primer. Try one that doubles as a highlighter and apply it before your foundation or concealer. Finish with a setting spray for a fresh face that says you’re ready for the day and whatever the night brings.

Going from your daily adventures to what the night has in store is easy with the right planning. So, get out and enjoy your life. If pulling off amazing looks no matter what time of day it is your thing, you might be perfect for a career in cosmetology! In a very visual world where everyone is looking, talented beauty professionals are needed. If you’d like to learn more about cosmetology careers, check out the Hairdressing and Cosmetology Program at Continental School of Beauty. With campus locations across upstate New York to choose from, flexible schedules, and financial aid to those who qualify, Continental is helping students turn their passion for beauty in to what they do for a living. What could be better than that? Contact us today to learn more.

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