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5 fun freaky Halloween makeup looks

Five Fun and Freaky Halloween Makeup Looks

Whether you’re costume of choice is scary, cool, or creepy, your fun and freaky Halloween makeup looks need to be on point this year and plan ahead so when October 31st rolls around, you’ll be ready to take on the night and make it the best Halloween yet! If you’re still trying to decide what demonic diva or wickedly witchy look is right for you, check out some of the looks making a haunting debut this Halloween.

Clowning around

It seems like everywhere you look at this time of year, there’s a creepy, killer clown lurking. Whether it’s that Joker-like clown-face or the sewer dweller in Stephen King’s It, Halloween wouldn’t be the same without them. If you don’t want to go all in with the whole crazy clown wig, it’s all about the face. This year’s clown is a Joker-inspired clown with dramatically overdrawn lips and a weepy smear of eyeliner.

Mother of dragons

Game of Thrones might be over but our infatuation with Queen Khaleesi is not! This look definitely requires a Daenerys-inspired platinum wig, but to get the true mother of dragons feel, you’re going to need a black or brown eyebrow pencil to emulate those thick, dark brows. Flesh out full, pale pink or nude lips and slap on an innocent, but “I’ll burn you to the ground” expression – and you’ve got it!

Go halfway

If you like the idea of wearing two faces this year, the half-zombie or half-skull look is a great option. Divide your face down the center and apply the ghoulish look of your choice to one half, being very careful to create a distinct separation. Glam up the other side with bold, red lips and long, lush lashes and let them see both sides of your personality!

Cats are always current

Whether you’re 4 or 24, adorable cat makeup is always a win. For the older cat lovers, get a pair of brightly colored cat eye contact lenses to your costume to complete the look.

Wonder Woman

There seems to be a different Marvel character-inspired costume every Halloween and this year’s nod goes to Diana Prince herself. If you don’t want to wear the wonder woman-esque gold headband, you can just paint it on to achieve the look. Grab a gold lariat and get out there!

The not so little mermaid

Frosted lavender lips, sea-green eyeshadow, and carefully placed glitter scales make this dreamy mermaid look fabulous. Apply glitter scales across the forehead, around the eyes and jawline, while gradually lightening the color of the scales down your neck.

You don’t have to wait for Halloween to have a little fun experimenting with your look. Although, you might want to forego the creepy and crazy styles for your day job. What if your day job WAS all about creating signature looks? If that sounds like an awesome way to earn a living, maybe you should consider a career in cosmetology! If you’d like to learn more about cosmetology careers, check out the programs at Continental School of Beauty. With multiple campus locations to choose from and flexible schedules to suit just about any lifestyle, Continental is helping students create their own future in the world of beauty! Contact us today.

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