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Halloween Makeup Trends 2018

Why fit in when you were born to stand out! – Dr. Seuss. Why indeed! The celebrated children’s author of unforgettable rhymes about celebrating the uniqueness of, well, being unique – had it quite right. Standing out in the crowd, being uniquely you – is fun! But when it comes to Halloween, standing out in the crowd can mean being entirely NOT you! In fact, it’s the one holiday where you get to decide who you want the world to see. So, if you’re trying to decide who or what you want to transform into for this year’s celebration of all things freaky, spooky and fun – check out some of the makeup tricks and treats making their debut on faces all over the 2018 Halloween party circuit.

What is this skullduggery? A whole different take on a spooky skeleton face, the popular sugar skull tattoo craze has undergone a feminine face-lift in this Halloween look. Delicate pearls and shiny sequins are strategically placed around the entire eye, from just above the brow, down to the cheekbone forming a circular, skeletal-like outline that is enhanced by perfectly placed white makeup on the tip of the nose, to deliver the prettiest-looking skull face we’ve ever seen!

A skull of a different color – If you prefer a less feminine look for your Halloween face, take your skeleton face to the dark side by starting with a lighter or white foundation and applying black liner “stitches” vertically from one side of your mouth all the way across, drawing exaggerated black lines from the corner of your mouth to your cheekbones. Paint a black skeleton nose and outline your eyes black shadow, smudging to achieve a blended look. Finish off the look with tiny black symbols of diamonds, hearts or bones placed on your chin, forehead and above your brows.

Speaking of tattoos – Getting inked to express yourself might be a wildly popular trend but not everyone wants to go under the gun (the tattoo gun, that is) and get permanently inked for the occasion. Not to worry! Check out some of the online tutorials for the perfect way to achieve that born to be wild, tatted up look without the lifetime commitment. Liquid eyeliner is an essential tool to pulling this look off and if you aren’t exactly the artistic type, many local tattoo artists are and can lend a hand with helping you draw your design.

Animal attraction – Channel your favorite Snapchat filters with the doe in the woods look by starting with a “fawn” colored foundation accented with carefully placed dots of lighter colored concealer. Add exaggerated doe-eyes, accentuated with a cats-eye application of liquid liner, light and luminous shadow on the lids, and a delicately-painted deer-shaped black nose. And of course, you’ll need those cute little ears which you can find at a local Halloween store.

Halloween superheroes – With the all things Marvel and the superhero trend that doesn’t seem to be slowing down, transforming into your favorite superhero or villain can add a fun twist to your Halloween festivities. Whether you’re a fan of Spiderman and Wonder Woman or prefer the dark side, like the Joker or Harley Quinn, get yourself a mirror and makeup kit and do a few practice runs before you make your debut at that Halloween party you’ve been waiting all year for. It’s also helpful to do an outline on paper and “fill in the blanks” to get the technique down.

Halloween is definitely the one holiday where literally, just about – anything goes! So, have some fun experimenting with your style and make this a Halloween to remember. If you’ve always loved creating signature looks and unique styles, a career in esthetics might be just right for you! The industry is growing and there are a variety of different career paths within it to explore, like makeup artistry, skincare, esthetics and more! If you’d like to learn more about whether a career in esthetics is right for you, check out the Esthetics program at Continental School of Beauty. Continental is helping students all over upstate New York get the hands-on training they need to become licensed estheticians. With multiple campus locations to choose from and flexible schedules to fit almost any lifestyle, Continental can help you too! Contact Continental School or Beauty today or schedule a tour of one of our campuses.

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