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Night before hair hacks

Night Before Hair Hacks

Looking for hair hacks you can do the night before to save time in the morning once we get through these trying times? Well, we’re here for you, fellow haters of all things early am! We might not be able to make you love mornings, but we can help you keep the misery to a minimum, and the bad hair days at bay! Check out our top five night before hair hacks and take your mornings back! 

Mermaid by morning

Wouldn’t it be great to wake up with beautiful mermaid-like waves, without the work? Try pulling your hair into a loose braid when it is still damp and sleep on it! When you wake up, you’ll be shaking out those perfect waves you dreamed about.

Silk leads to silky

An ordinary cotton pillowcase can make your freshly-blown out hair frizzy overnight. Change it out for a silk pillowcase to keep your hair silky-smooth and frizz-free! It has the added benefit of helping to prevent fine lines from forming on your face by sleeping on your side. 

Unflatten with an updo

Is your hair flatter than a pancake by morning? For va-va-va-voom volume, sleep in an updo or top-knot. When you wake up, you’ll have volume you just can’t get anywhere else!

Get it straight

You want that super-straight sleek look but who has time for a full-on blow-out, followed by the flat iron in the morning? So, do it the night before and use a good heat protecting spray. Hit it with the flat iron and then sleep in a soft headband to keep everything smooth and in its place. In the morning, just set it and forget it with a spritz of hairspray.

Don’t be a slave to washing

More of an overall word of advice than a night before hack, but this one can save you precious morning minutes. It’s a well-known fact that over washing your hair can dry it out so, just don’t! If you’re among those of us with oily hair and don’t want to trade those precious minutes for an oil slick on your head, apply a little cornstarch or baby powder to your scalp the night before to absorb excess oil.

Life’s too short for bad hair days. PS – it’s also too short to suffer from the misery of an early morning. So, proceed accordingly the night before and make your mornings more of a delight than disaster. If you’re all about hair, maybe you should be all about a career in cosmetology! Intrigued? Then check out the Hairdressing and Cosmetology Program at Continental School of Beauty! With three campus locations to choose from across upstate New York, Continental is helping students blaze their own trail in the world of beauty. Contact us nowto learn more about a career in cosmetology or schedule a virtual tour today.

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