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On the Go! Quick and Easy Hair Hacks

If you’re one of the people whose daily grind is jam-packed with just a little too many to-dos, finding a few extra minutes in the day can feel like finding buried treasure. When one of those to-dos involves too much time taming your tangled mane in the mirror, having a few quick and easy hair hacks might be the reason you can squeeze in that stop at Starbucks for that triple-tall caramel macchiato that always puts the pep in your step. To help you savor the small things in life, we’ve rounded up some on-the-go hair hacks.

Grey away

We’ve all been there. You know that morning when you notice your roots have gotten away from you? But who has time to do a full color on the fly? A quick fix that will get you through the day, or until you can get to the salon, is to take a mascara wand and lightly brush your roots with it. Brush it through to blend and voila!

Sock it to me bun

Throwing your hair into any kind of bun is a pretty good hack. But the sock bun is just a little bit extra. Find a sock that is close to your hair’s color and cut the toe end off. Pull your hair into a ponytail where you want your bun to sit and pull it through the hole of your sock so that it ends up at the end of your ponytail. Roll the sock with your hair towards the base of the ponytail and finish with a few bobby pins to hold it in place. Easy and cute!

Hair bow

This one is literally a bow created from your own hair. This hack obviously works better with mid to long-length hair. Just grab a section of hair from either side of your face, pull it to the back of your head and carefully tie it into a bow. Secure it with a bobby pin from underneath and you’re finished.

Not an ordinary knot

This hack also uses your own hair to create an easy style you can wear anywhere. Part your hair down the middle in the back and separate it into two sections. Wind the two sections together and tie in a knot at the back of your neck. You can tuck the longer ends into the knot with bobby pins or gather them into a low ponytail below the knot.

Flyaway quick fix

When you’re pressed for time, taming a head full of fly-away strands can be a challenge. Grab a new, never used toothbrush and spritz a little hairspray on the bristles and brush those pesky strands into smoothness.

Start the day before

Looking for tousled waves without the work? Braid your hair the night before and sleep on it. Be sure to create at least 2 braids and spritz it a little with texturizing spray. The next morning, shake it out and feel the wave!

Skip the daily wash

Who has time to wash, dry, and style every single day? It’s actually better for your hair to skip a few days between shampoos. If your hair is oily, you can try a dry shampoo to avoid looking greasy.

Let’s face it, time is the most valuable thing we’ve got, and precious minutes saved are, well precious! So, taking the headache out of keeping your hair looking good is one way to grab more of those minutes. And if you’re more than just a little passionate about hair, maybe you should turn your passion into a career in cosmetology! If that sounds like a plan, check out the Cosmetology and Hairdressing Program at Continental School of Beauty. With a team of experienced instructors and multiple campuses to choose from, Continental is training the next generation of beauty professionals. Contact us today to learn more.

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