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our picks for the biggest 2022 beauty trends

Our Picks for the Biggest 2022 Beauty Trends

As we say farewell to the year behind us, it’s a great time to explore what the year ahead has in store for fans of style, glam, and all things beauty. And from where we’re sitting, it looks like the biggest beauty trends of 2022 are going to be all about innovation, sustainability, and a place where au-naturelle meets bits of bold color! Let’s dive in.

Skinamilism meets innovation

The desire for healthy, radiant skin without a ten-step regimen is still going strong as we slide into the new year. But innovative hybrid skincare products that offer skin-loving care and makeup coverage are going to continue to grow in popularity. Tinted sunscreens with added skincare benefits like hyaluronic acid are a triple threat in one product.

Waterless products

You’ve probably tried dry shampoo before. But the beauty industry is responding to the growing demand for sustainability by developing a whole range of waterless beauty products. Excessive use of the world’s fresh water supply is no joke and these waterless formulations equal more potent plus less water usage. That’s a win-win.

Green & clean beauty

Speaking of sustainability, expect to see even more companies leaning towards more green, eco-friendly packaging and products. Refillable lipstick, eye liner, deodorant and even toothpaste, are likely to become more and more common in the year to come.

Natural skin, bold features

The trend towards natural, neutral looking skin that looks healthy without looking over-done is expected to continue. But you’ll see some bold pops of color on lids and lips to create an even bolder contrast.

Cheeky blush

Playing up those long-hidden cheeks will be a fun favorite this year. All shades of blush on the apples of your cheeks and even up across your forehead and lids promises to be a welcome burst of color!

90’s inspired lips

A fully-defined pout is back in 2022. Apply a darker lip liner a bit over your lip line and accent with a slightly lighter shade of lipstick for plump lips that make a statement.

The eyes have it

Dramatic cat-eyes, winged pastels, bold brows, or all the above! The eyes are going to be popping this year. Expect to see everything from eyes bedazzled with tiny gems, shimmery metallic eye shadow, to intricate designs created with graphic eyeliner and topped off with matte liquid eyeshadow. There’s literally no limit to how creative you can get with the eyes this year.

Blended highlights

One hair trend we expect to see in the year ahead is the return of highlights with a twist. Not the full-on highlights of the early 2000’s, but more blended, subtle highlights that add a little pop without the high maintenance.

A new year is always a great time to change up your look, your life, or anything else you decide to change. And if you’ve been considering a whole new career in the world of beauty, why not make this the year you take the leap! Get started today by checking out the programs at Continental School of Beauty. With multiple locations across upstate New York and programs in Hairdressing & Cosmetology, Esthetics, Esthetics & Nail Specialty, and Barbering, Continental is helping students get the hands-on training and skills they need to join the next generation of beauty professionals. Call us now to learn more or to schedule a campus tour.

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