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St Patrick's Day Nail Styles

St. Patrick’s Day Nail Styles

Looking for the latest St. Patrick’s Day Nail Styles? You’re in luck! You don’t need to be Irish to look forward to the fun and frolicking St. Patrick’s Day brings every year. What better way to celebrate than with a set of St. Paddy’s Day inspired fingertips? Get your green game faces on and ring in the festivities this year with nails that might just be your perfect lucky charm!

Irish with a French twist

Or French tips that is. Instead of the typical white, go green in honor of our greenest holiday! Emerald green French tips are seriously sassy but subtle enough to wear anywhere.

Be a sham-rocker

Whether you prefer a single shamrock painted on one finger on each hand, or a bunch of them on all your nails, rocking the shamrock is a shout-out to all things Irish.

Spell it out

Looking for luck this St. Patrick’s Day? Spell it out! Hand write the word luck in black or green over white polish on a single nail on each hand. Or do it in white over green polish. Add a shamrock applique to really amp up your luck game. 

Who doesn’t love a rainbow

Especially one with a pot of gold at the end. Paint diagonal rainbow stripes across the tip of your nail and, using gold glitter polish, finish with a tiny “pot of gold” painted at the end of the rainbow.

Over the rainbow

Speaking of rainbows, an ombre painted rainbow nail is the perfect base for a single pot of gold or a solitary shamrock. If you’re feeling particularly festive, do both!

Nails on full kilt

A little Irish-inspired plaid has it all. Green, gold and glorious!

Gold & green glitter

Go big or go home with bold gold and green glitter painted nails. You can alternate colors or paint a single nail on each hand in one color, and all the rest the other color. Either way, you’ll be making a sparkly statement!

Whatever you decide to rock on your nails this St. Paddy’s Day, half of the fun is experimenting with all the creative and fabulous styles! If your passion for creating signature nails goes beyond St. Patrick’s Day, maybe you should consider a career as a Nail Technician. A great place to start is by checking out the Esthetics & Nail Specialty Program at Continental School of Beauty.  Continental is helping students get the hands-on training and skills they need to work in the world of beauty. Are you ready to tap into your inner artist? Contact us today for more information or visit of 1 of our 3 campus locations.

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