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Tips to keep your nails strong

Tips to Keep Your Nails Strong

Looking for tips to keep your nails strong? You have come to the right blog! If your goal is to get in shape but lacking the motivation, there’s one thing you can get in shape without exercise! We’re talking about one of the most underrated accessories we’ve got – our nails! Whether you’re working from home or out and about, you can still get your nails in the best shape of their lives by following a few tips we’ve rounded up!

  1. Water damage – This might be the only time you hear that too much water can be a negative thing. But we’re not talking about drinking water, we’re talking about keeping your nails immersed in water for too long. Your nails absorb water and too much can weaken the nail structure. Particularly hot and soapy water. Obviously, with hand washing being top of mind across the globe currently, you can’t and shouldn’t avoid the hot, soapy water and excessive hand washing. But you can help minimize the damage by applying cuticle oil to help keep the natural moisture in your nail plate.
  • Cue the cuticle care – Contrary to popular thinking, cuticles aren’t something you should be trying to get rid of. Why? Because they are the very thing that protects your nailbed! Avoid the urge to push them back or even cut them. Not only can damaged cuticles lead to an infection, but they can affect the way your nails grow out. Instead, moisturize your cuticles just like you would your skin to keep them healthy, strong – and doing their job.
  • Don’t skip the follow-up – After removing your polish with acetone, be sure to follow up by applying cuticle oil and a good hand moisturizer to prevent dry, brittle nails.
  • Pick the right tools for the job – Clean your nails gently with a soft nail brush, avoiding digging under the nail with sharp tweezers or other tools. You could end up creating a space for bacteria and fungus to thrive under the nail. And always file in only one direction to keep all the layers of your nails together.

Take care of your nails and they’ll definitely be one of your best accessories. And if you’re all about beautiful nails, maybe a career helping people achieve not just beautiful nails – but beautiful skin too, is right for you! If that sounds like your dream job, you should check out the Esthetics and Nail Specialty Program at Continental School of Beauty. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule a consultation with our admissions department.

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