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Top Barbering Techniques and Trends

Hair doesn’t stop growing, so unless the men of the world decide to embrace the cave-man look, it’s a safe bet that barbering is here to stay. So what are the latest trends making a splash in one of the world’s oldest professions? Glad you asked! Check out some of the top barbering trends and techniques we discovered in our exploration of all things man grooming. 

Speaking of Men’s Grooming

If you thought being well-groomed was a women’s game, think again. Men have been all about it since as far back as 10,000 B.C. But in the last decade, men’s grooming has gone through a revolution with more men making grooming a priority, prompting a surge in growth in the barbering industry. 

From facial hair to skincare, men are now keener than ever to do what it takes to look and feel their best. That means that barbers need to not only be knowledgeable about all aspects of men’s grooming, from shaving and haircuts to skin and body care, they must also keep up with the latest tools and technology in barbering. 

New Tools and Technology

As barbers strive to keep up with the latest trends and styles, they’re using cutting-edge tools and technology to get the job done. From wireless clippers and trimmers to automated barber chairs and mobile apps, here are some of the newest tools and technology being used by barbers. 

Wireless Clippers and Trimmers

Tools like these give barbers the ability to move freely around the shop without worrying about cords getting in the way. Barbers can cut hair with ease. Wireless tools also have a longer battery life, so barbers can work for hours without interruption.

Automated Barber Chairs

With automatic recline and height adjustment options, barbers can adjust accordingly to find the perfect fit for each client. The chairs also feature built-in massage features and footrests, allowing clients to truly relax during a haircut.

Mobile Apps

Just like almost every industry out there, mobile apps are also becoming popular in the barber industry. A mobile app is a great way to help a barber stay organized and provide the best possible service to their clients. 

The Latest Haircuts

Keeping up with the latest trend is always going to be important for barbers. Sometimes that means a whole new style, or it can also mean that styles from days past become new again! 

Not short – bald

For so many men, trying to get a great looking style if your hair is thinning, or just plain not there anymore can be a challenge. So, instead of struggling, they’re embracing the bald and going for a clean-shaven head. Paired with a well-groomed stubble or beard, it’s a manly look that is gaining in popularity. 

Taper fade

This classic look is still going strong and is a popular style for men who like to keep their hair short. If you’re looking for something a bit bolder, then the textured top cut is the perfect option. This look is all about volume and texture and requires a lot of layering to create the look. 

Comb over

This look  is seeing a resurgence in popularity. Barbers can create a modern twist on this classic style by adding an undercut or fade to one side. The result is an edgy, sleek look that is sure to turn heads. 

Disconnected undercut

This is another trend that’s gaining popularity. This look combines a high-contrast fade on one side with longer hair on top. Barbers often add texture to the longer section, creating a textured, disheveled look that’s perfect for any occasion. 

Traditional Cuts Making a Comeback

Some haircuts never seem to go out of style. In recent years, many of these traditional cuts have made a major comeback. 

Classic short back and sides cut 

This style has been around for decades and is still widely used today. It’s the perfect way to maintain a neat and professional look with minimal styling required. 


This look channels 50’s Elvis and is seeing a resurgence in popularity. It involves combing the hair away from the face and towards the back of the head with some volume. But a modern twist of getting layers cut at different levels makes getting that volume a whole lot easier. 

Side part

Classic and chic, a short cut with a neat side part is perfect in any setting. 

Barbering Techniques 

Barbers are increasingly using traditional techniques like razor shaves and hot towel shaves to give their clients the ultimate grooming experience. Hot towels are used to soften the hair and skin before shaving, while a razor can give a precise finish and an even texture. These traditional techniques are still being used by barbers today to create stylish looks that stand the test of time. 

The Future of Barbering

The future of barbering looks brighter than ever. As the popularity of men’s grooming continues to increase, so will the demand for professional barbers. In fact, a projected 65,000 new barbers jobs are expected to be added by 2031.  

If you’re considering a future in the barbering industry, there are a few steps to you should be aware of to help you get there. First, you’ll need to get professional training through an accredited barbering program. You’ll also need to pass a state licensing exam in order to work as a licensed barber.  A great place to start if you’re in the upstate New York area, is Continental School of Beauty. Located on the Rochester campus, Continental’s 600-hour Barbering Program is helping students get the hands-on training and skills they need to become licensed barbers. Contact us today to learn more! 

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