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What you'll learn in Continental's Cosmetology program

What You’ll Learn in Continental’s Cosmetology Program

If you’re looking for a cosmetology school that can help you achieve your dreams of becoming a beauty professional – look no further than Continental School of Beauty in upstate New York. This top-notch beauty school offers an intensive cosmetology program that can help you get the hands-on skills and knowledge necessary to become a cosmetologist. But before we explore what you can expect to learn in Continental’s cosmetology program, let’s talk about the importance of good foundation skills. 

It Starts with a Solid Foundation

Continental School of Beauty’s Cosmetology program focuses on building a solid foundation of skills students need to be prepared to take the state licensing exam and become professional cosmetologists. That means training students in more than just the basics of hair cutting, styling, and other technical skills. It means providing instruction on the business aspects of cosmetology, health and safety, client interaction, and how to tap into your creative side to truly develop as a beauty artist. 

The Business of Cosmetology

At Continental, students learn that the business side of cosmetology is just as important as technical and creative skills. Students receive instruction in critical business areas such as – marketing, customer service, and salon management, as well as how to create a unique business plan and establish a successful brand. Other topics include the financial aspect of the beauty industry, including calculating overhead costs, setting competitive prices for services, and proper bookkeeping practices to help students understand their tax responsibilities. 

The Creative Side of Cosmetology

As a student in Continental’s cosmetology program, you’ll be learning the artistic skills necessary to become a successful cosmetologist. You’ll be exposed to cutting-edge techniques and given the opportunity to experiment with different styles, colors, and textures to create unique looks for your clients. Students in the program gain a thorough understanding of fashion, makeup, hair styling, and salon management. The instructors at Continental School of Beauty have a passion for teaching and helping their students find their inner creativity and encourage you to explore your artistic potential and expand your knowledge of the beauty industry.

Client Interaction

In addition to teaching the fundamentals of hairstyling, coloring, and makeup application, you will also learn the importance of creating a positive atmosphere in the salon. This includes learning how to build relationships with clients and develop your own personal style to make each client feel special and confident. By understanding the importance of customer service, you will be able to provide exceptional services and exceed your clients’ expectations every time. Not to mention, it will help you build a solid book of clients. 

The Technical Side of Cosmetology

Continental’s cosmetology program teaches students a range of essential technical skills. And the tools required to deploy them. Students learn a variety of cutting techniques such as dry cutting, texturizing, layering, and graduation. You’ll also be able to apply the right techniques to create an array of styles such as up-dos, bridal, modern cuts, and classic looks. In addition to hair cutting, students learn the art of chemical services such as color formulations, color application, highlighting, toning, and texture services. 

The Health and Safety Side of Cosmetology

Students in Continental’s cosmetology program learn about the importance of health and safety in cosmetology. That includes:

  • Sanitization methods necessary for each tool and product used in the field.
  • Proper sanitation techniques for working safely with chemical beauty products.
  • How to properly care for their skin, hair, and nails to ensure healthy practices.
  • Guidelines and regulations for handling a wide variety of hazardous materials.

These topics are essential for keeping everyone safe in the workplace and ensuring that everyone is protected from potential risks. 

Graduates of Continental’s cosmetology program enter the field prepared to take the state licensing exam and well-equipped to safely practice their craft and become the next generation of successful, creative professionals in beauty industry. If you’d like to learn more about the cosmetology program at Continental School of Beautycontact us today and get on the path to your beautiful future! 

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